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Dietmar Baum can be called a Resources Manager
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Dietmar Baum

Whether in small groups or in front of a large audience: he turns the room into a place with a spirit of attentiveness and experience, which exceeds the impulse of the presentation itself. He creates a direct benefit for the audience, both in private and professional areas of life.

The presentation on the topic intrinsic motivation or the diversity of intrinsic understanding is related to the respective sectors or matched to the invited companies. Practical knowledge and many examples from his work as a consultant and businessman make the presentation entertaining and informative.

He sets impulses; he inspires development. His work is accompanied by the basic research of the American psychology Professor Steven Reiss, which represents Baum’s scientific background. The impulse presentations are entertaining and excellently suited to meetings, congresses and conferences, offering your event a real highlight.

Learned from the best

Presentation topics

Performance with Ease

Target group:  Owners and managing directors,
HR-employees to family managers
Presentation duration:  60 minutes
Discussion round:  30 minutes

In the past, companies valued people who turned their pastime into their occupation, because for them, work was easy and success was guaranteed.

If you love what you do, you are not working!

But, can you apply this assumption to an entire company?

Intrinsic motivation research answers this with yes and in this presentation offers suggestions, information and practical examples of how companies have developed using the findings on the interaction of intrinsic and extrinsic motivation.

The presentation offers an insight into what tools can be used to spot and promote talent, potential and job-specific qualities.

Be it bird keeper in the Antarctica, engineer in the motor industry or finance service provider. Every employee has the potential to turn his occupation into his or her pastime.

This presentation offers knowledge about framework conditions, and how to create incentives.


Everybody is a seller

Management and Team Building

Target group:  Management personnel, employees in purchasing, sales and administration
Presentation duration:  60 minutes
Discussion round:  30 minutes

Sales is the most important pillar of a modern firm. Most markets have evolved from the situation of simply filling demands.

But who sells what? Who can sell best and how? Is really every employee a sales person? How can I spot this and how can I best apply the employee?

Research in the area of intrinsic motivation shows interesting results for designing an entire firm to be sales oriented, both internally and externally. This presentation offers enough material to revolutionize your sales in terms of success by pulling the right levers, for example, lasting motivation within the team, or even in a leading position.


Knowledge is Power

Target group:  For everyone interested, suitable for annual events, anniversaries, trade fairs and events.
Presentation duration:  60 minutes (adapted to the industry sector if necessary)
Discussion round:  30 minutes

Appreciation means that I am aware of the values important to the other person, the ones that he wants to live by.

Here, intrinsic motivation research, Reiss Profile and MPPO set new standards of knowledge and action. The presentation describes in a lively manner, how the 16 motives are expressed in everyday life. Many of the participants will smile when they find themselves in many of the depicted sample situations.

After this presentation, “well meant but all wrong” or “long awaited but still disappointed” are things of the past for many areas, or can at least be reduced to a minimum. The presentation offers many variations of the daily work life and addresses the areas of value and sustainability in the company and company culture.


Buy Me

Target group:  Marketing, advertising agencies,
market research and development
Presentation duration:  60 minutes
Discussion round:  30 minutes

Today, both “face-to-face” communication and recommendation marketing are the most efficient marketing methods.

In these times of de-personification in sales, psychology in marketing and advertising is gaining increasing importance. Knowledge of intrinsic motivation offers optimum assistance with finding the USP, the assessment of target groups, communication channels, design and information design.

The presentation uses current examples to demonstrate what drives people and eventually leads to the impulse to buy.


Burn in - Burn out

Target group:  Health officer, QM manager,
HR employees and managers
Presentation duration:  60 minutes
Discussion round:  30 minutes

What drives me and if so to where?

The methodology of the classic burn-out trap, developed in cooperation with Dr. Ellen Buckermann, is demonstrated in this presentation.

The observer will learn a lot about the gradual process, reward systems and what stress really means, taking into account the knowledge of the inner motivation according to Steven Reiss. Which highly motivated performance type will get panic attacks while in the Caribbean, and for whom is performance a pleasure? Despite the seriousness of the topic, the problem is explained in many forms in an entertaining manner, demonstrating the danger of one of the largest future cost traps.





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The Book

Book publication in September 2011

The 16 Basic Desires in Practice

The book “Die 16 Lebensmotive in der Praxis” (The 16 basic desires in practice) was authored by Dietmar Baum and 15 other experienced coaches, and was compiled by Markus Brand and Frauke Ion.

In his chapter, Dietmar Baum, manager of the mmh kommunikationsagentur (communication agency) and founder of the MPPO Wissensnetzwerk (knowledge network), reports on his work and success with the ongoing process of optimisation at the traditional firm MARX in Frankfurt. Using concrete examples from real life within the areas of human resource management, company culture, marketing and sales, Baum describes his work with the Reiss Profile and MPPO.

Dietmar Baum: “Real life showed how well the concepts work that are based on the Reiss Profile motivation theory.” Cost-effectiveness and human resources development are sustainably strengthened through this work.

Reservations are welcome. Priced at €29.90, you can order the book through your bookshop or directly at the MPPO GmbH , which includes a personal dedication.


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mmh ist die Agentur für strategische Konzepte in Marketing-Kommunikation und Personalberatung sowie deren konkrete Umsetzung. Mit dem Fokus auf Motivation und Vertriebsunterstützung gelingt es mmh immer wieder, im Sinne des Kunden Zielgruppen erfolgreich anzusprechen. 20 Jahre Erfahrung als Unternehmen und die Einbindung von Erkenntnissen aus der Motivationsforschung machen das mmh-Konzeptberater-Team einzigartig in der Region Südwestfalen und weit darüber hinaus.

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Die mmh consulting hat es sich zur Aufgabe gemacht, ein Unternehmen dort zu unterstützen, wo die größten Ressourcen liegen. Hierfür wurde MPPO entwickelt. MPPO steht für motivorientierte Projekt- und Prozessoptimierung. Mit dem MPPO-Verfahren werden Probleme und Defizitbereiche nach einer standardisierten und sicheren Methode aufgedeckt und durch gezielt ausgesuchte und geprüfte Werkzeuge und Methoden nachhaltig verbessert.

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Reiss Profile

Der Psychologe Prof. Dr. Steven Reiss entwickelte in jahrelanger Forschungsarbeit ein Testverfahren, welches die intrinsischen Werte, Ziele und Motive eines Menschen ermittelt.

Die daraus entstehenden Ergebnisse sind auf der Ebene der Persönlichkeit einflussstarke Faktoren, die der Mensch in allen Aspekten seiner Persönlichkeit ausdrückt. Damit wird der erste Impuls für das Verhalten und für Reaktionen gesetzt.

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